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Title In the Hands of the Smith
a short gamebook
Genre Dark Fantasy / Epic Fantasy
Estimated Play Time: ~15 minutes
Possible Endings: 6
Number of Choices: 10
Possible Badges: 13
Single-Story Length: ~3k words
Total Wordcount: ~10k words
Play version 1.0 Online!

This is a web game. It should work entirely in:

  • IE 10+
  • Current versions of desktop Chrome, Firefox and Opera
  • Safari 5.1+
  • iOS Safari 6+

Limited compatibility with:

  • IE 8 - text should work, but not images or ending badges
  • IE 9 - text and images should work, but not ending badges

This game was inspired by the short story “In the Hands of the Smith”, by Misti Wolanski.

For women like Flory, fear comes far more easily than trust. Is the strange dwarf visitor another person she should fear, or might he be what she needs, to be able to trust again?

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