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About Misti’s Games

They’re all interactive fiction. If you want to know why I write that, check the home page.

There are two main ways to produce these sorts of stories:

  1. Come up with a story, then produce variations.
  2. Come up with the story with a few variant endings built-in, then figure out the canon ending.

I release at least one short story per month over on Patreon @Carradee. So generally, I’ll be following the second route of coming up with these stories. It also means that—at least for the time being—my emphasis is going to be on the text-heavy gamebooks, not the full RPG game experience. (Though I do have some ideas for those. Perhaps someday…)

In the meantime, enjoy these if they’re to your taste. If they aren’t, I’m sorry to hear that, but may you find something that suits you better!

How to Play:

  • Open the game link.
    • If it’s an online game, you can play right in your browser.
    • If it’s a downloadable game, download it and double-click the appropriate file type to open the game.
  • Open the game. You should see a title screen, with a menu that lets you start the game or otherwise play.
  • Select “Start Game”.
    • If it’s an online game, everything should auto-save in your browser cache. (So wiping the cache should wipe the game data.)
    • If it’s a game you downloaded, you whether it auto-saves or requires you to save will depend on the game type. Any that need you to choose to save them should ask you before you quit.
  • When you get to the end, you should get notification of what new badges you’ve received (if any).
    • These badges reflect possible endings, or choices, or combinations of choices.
    • The game badges are basically markers that you’ve played through the game with particular endings or choices.
    • Wiping your browser cookies or cache, it may reset your cookies.
In the Hands of the Smith

In the Hands of the Smith

Estimated Play Time: ~15 minutes
Possible Endings: 6
Number of Choices: 10
Possible Badges: 13
Single-Story Length: ~3k words
Total Wordcount: ~10k words
Play version 1.0 Online!

Game Hints

  • Some badges can be gotten more than one way.
  • 1 badge is based on a specific choice.
  • 2 endings can only be reached if Flory’s a liar and/or passive.

Game Badges

Hater of Canon: You have reached an ending that is 0% true to canon! Black Widow: Flory married Shom and intentionally killed him Bride: Flory has accepted and married Shom Lover of Canon: You have reached the ending that is 100% true to canon! Ending Reached!: You have played through the story and reached an ending! Helpful: Flory has helped Thurst attack Shom Incongruous: Flory’s early choices are inconsistent with her late ones. Indecisive: Flory has changed her mind. Dead: Flory has been murdered by Shom! Murderess: Flory hs indesputably committed murder! Not Maternal Material: Flory seriously doesn’t want children Runaway: Flory has refused & fled Shom Traitor: Flory has betrayed Thurst!